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Membership Program

Become an HTWCEA Member

To unite as a forum of individuals interested in ending violence against Native women and creating an overall safer, healthier Hopi & Tewa community. Members have access to HTWCEA resources, training, and unique opportunities for education and engagement.


Values and Components of the Coalition Membership Program: (adopted from the document “A Hopi… Traditional Values and vision of…” authored by Tawakima/Qoyahongniwa 1995)

A Hopi is one who places the society’s and/or community’s interest and benefits above individual and personal interests and gains;

A Hopi is one who understands KYAPTSI means to maintain the highest degree of respect for and obedience to the moral standards of ethics, so as to not knowingly abuse, alter of oppose the progressive order, cycle of nature and the sacred manifestations of the creator’s teachings;

  • To understand and learn the concepts of violence against women, and how we must support non-threatening life behaviors in all relationships.  Members will also understand that Kyaptsi is the core value in how we maintain all relations, including family, intimate partners, children, clan and in the workforce.

A Hopi is one us understand that SUMI’NANGWA means to come together to do things for the benefit of all, out of a compelling desire and commitment to contribute or return something of value to the society;

  • In alignment with the Coalition’s mission, “Weaving a web of support for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault” requires many programs and individuals to come together to advocate on behalf of all those affected by violence against women.  This issue is not just affecting victims/survivors, it affects the entire household, the community and most importantly, the children.  Through the Coalition, members will be given tools and leadership skills to create social change for themselves and their community.

A Hopi is one who understands that NAMI’NANGWA means to help one another (or give aid) in times of need, without having to be asked to do so and without expecting reward/compensation for the deed;

  • Volunteerism is a critical aspect to the Coalition Membership Program.  The Coalition offers various volunteer opportunities to its membership that will enable them to become engaged in the community, understand the concepts, provide meaningful contributions to the community and Coalition. 

  • Members also have an opportunity to provide monetary donations as well as donations of goods and services that will enhance the Coalition’s initiatives.


A Hopi is one who understands that HITA’NANGWA means to have the initiative to take care of something without having to be instructed, asked or reminded, regardless if anyone will notice your effort but that it will make a difference.

  • The Coalition understands that there are many community members who truly believe in the mission and purpose and are seeking ways to be involved.  Through the membership program, the members will have an opportunity to give back to their communities and to provide insight to the Coalition activities through active participation in Coalition Committees.


A Hopi is one who understands that PASI’NANGWA means to have characteristic qualities of humility, modesty, patience, etc., and to possess the ability to think things through carefully and thoroughly before reacting to and voicing opinion on issues;

  • The Coalition has high standards of conduct for its staff, board of directors and members in their relations with program partners, community members and victims and survivors.  It is the intent of the Coalition Membership Program to fully invest in community members and to foster community grassroots initiatives to find viable solutions to ending violence against women using traditional Hopi and Tewa concepts and values.


A Hopi is one who understands that the greatest feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment of one’s individual participation in the society/community functions and activities is knowing that your contributions have resulted in benefits to the community and its people. 

  • It is the intent of the Coalition to promote leadership development of Hopi and Tewa community members to effect social change and systemic reform.


It is through these Hopi values, that the general membership of the Coalition be guided to assist in the mission and purpose of the Coalition as well as to be change agents in the community.  In the spirit of Kyaptsi, Sumi’nangwa, Nami’nangwa, Hita’nangwa and Pasi’nangwa the HTWCEA Membership Program enables members to be fully engaged with the initiatives and to give back to the community through the work of the coalition’s mission.  It is the intent of the Coalition to maintain its roots as a community grassroots initiative and to include the voice and insights of the community.

Membership Exclusive Events:

  • Membership Meeting/Gathering every third Thursday of the month 

  • Book Group Discussions - members read and engage in dialogue to further expand their awareness of issues impacting tribal communities.

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