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What We Do

HTWCEA Services

Our Purpose

To serve as a forum for uniting Hopi and Tewa women in order to:

  • Provide safety and support for domestic violence and sexual assault victims/survivors from a victim-centered approach;

  • Promote leadership development of Hopi and Tewa women to effect social change and systemic reform; and

  • Educate the public toward a better understanding of violence against women.

HTWCEA seeks to:

  • Collaborate with local health care agencies on developing victim-centered forensic examination/medical services to victims of sexual assault.

  • Expand public awareness/sensitivity and community agency education/training on sexual assault and domestic violence-related issues and available resources.

  • Educate Hopi tribal leadership on pressing domestic violence and sexual assault issues and State, Federal, and Tribal policies that impact the safety of native women and accountability of perpetrators.

  • Create a seamless safety net of collaborating agencies and allies to safeguard, support and provide an array of services for victims/survivors and families of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Our Initiatives

Training & Technical

Outreach & Community Education

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