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Trainings and Technical Assistance

HTWCEA Trainings

The goals of HTWCEA technical assistance and training efforts focus on enhancing collaborative systemic response while engaging in efforts to embed victim centered culture and practice in organizations that respond to violence against women crimes.

Current goals and initiatives also include:

  • Outlining unique approaches that are cultural and community-specific grounded on building trust, trauma-informed practice, and perspective.

  • Starting with the community to fully understand the scope of the problem through systems assessment, community workshops/ training , and cultural-specific implementation of programming needs for the community.

  • Including everyone that wants to participate in partnership while centering those who are targeted and most affected by violence.

  • Compiling and sharing data that is gathered from the community workshops and systems assessment to identify response gaps, resource needs, and institutional recommendations for policy and practice.

  • Create systemic response initiatives that will produce fruitful partnerships, accountability, increased safety for survivors, perpetrator accountability, and an effective community wide, tribal and cultural-specific response approaches.


Past Projects include:

  • Tribal Leadership Summits

  • Sexual Assault Reponse Team initiatives

  • Providing TA on the development of the Hopi Victim Services Program

  • Providing TA on Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction

  • Community Coordinated Response team development

  • Trainings on Stalking, Domestic Violence, Sex Trafficking, Sexual Assault and Dating Violence

  • And much more…

Upcoming Trainings

Tribal Leader Summit

The purpose of HTWCEA’s Tribal Leadership Summit is to build tribal leadership capacity in understanding the workings of policy-making; building and strengthening relationships with tribal, state, and federal entities to promote and support policy in the best interests of the Hopi Tribe; and finally to become educated in resources that are available to Native tribes that are working to end violence against Native women. HTWCEA aims to highlight the strength of Native leadership voices and their ability to advocate for the safety, health, and happiness of Native women, families, and communities. All goals of TLS are tied to strengthening sovereignty to protect Hopi women, families, children and Hopi’s hard sustaining belief that “Women are sacred.”

Past TLS goals Included:

  • Increase tribal leadership capacity in building and strengthening relationships that aim to end violence against Native women on the tribal, state, and federal level.

  • Understand the process of policy making on the state and federal level while also strengthening and building networking ties that will support Native policy efforts.

  • Build leadership capacity in using their voice to echo tribal needs and gaps that are specific to the Hopi community; while identifying technical assistance resources in areas relating to ending violence against Native women.

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